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General Information is an innovative freelance writing site that joins customers and writers together. This is different than other essay sites in that, the customer actively becomes a member of the site and picks the writer of his/her choosing. Writers also join the site and bid on projects they wish to pursue.


The main focus of this site is to provide essay and research papers to students in need. There are many writing members of the site that can provide other services as well such as resume creation and editing, thesis preparation and dissertation, assignment assistance, and much more. The services provided by this freelance type of environment are wide and plentiful. Simply place your needs in a provided form and weed through the available experts that bid on your order needs. You will be in direct contact with the writer of your choosing the entire time. This gives you the flexibility to dictate exactly how you need your project completed. There is also a plagiarism check feature that users can use to make sure their project is plagiarism free. Advantages


Unlike many and most of the essay preparation websites, doesn’t dictate what your price will be. As a member you set the parameters of your project and the freelance writer members bid on it. This process allows each member who submits a project order the flexibility to determine what price they are willing to pay for their project. As the customer you can prescribe the needs of your order and communicate all those needs directly to your decided, chosen writer. Your project will be paid to the writer via PayPal or credit card with your information 100% confidential. Payments are made directly through the site using a payment form which will ensure your confidentiality. The site guarantees your payment information’s security and refunds are granted when necessary. This is done via your balance page on your profile. Once fees have been paid it is up to each customer to contact their writer in order to work out refund requests. If your payment is still pending, it is easy to cancel charges so funds are not applied.

Discounts and Savings

Discounts are something determined between client and contractor. Since you will be selecting your writers, negotiating prices, and finally agreeing on prices per contract, the discounts will be ultimately determined by you. All that your needs require per contract are dictated prior to agreement and needs that come up during a contract can be worked out by you and contract writer. The method of this site connecting clients with customers is clever, because it permits all members the freedom of what their willing to pay as a customer and receive in payment as a contractor.

Customer Support

Customer and client will have direct contact throughout the entire process. If, however, you do need assistance that is not from your writer, the customer support team at is available via email at any time. If you have questions that cannot be answered by the FAQ page, shoot an email to the customer support team and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.